Meteorological Technology World Expo 2014 – Preparation

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The Meteorological Technology World Expo 2014 kicks off in only a few weeks time! From the 21st until the 23rd of October, the whole meteorological world will be present in Brussels: their Website states that over 2’500 attendees from all over the globe will be present. So of course Rotronic AG will also be there.

Rico Hasler, Technical Product Manager, preparing the HygroStream

Rotronic has a range of relative humidity and temperature probes that have been developed for meteorological applications. Temperature and relative humidity are both measured on all weather stations, but sometimes the climatical conditions are not suitable for all probes and they sadly can’t survive!

High relative humidity levels with condensation are always an issue due to the fact that the probe will show higher relative humidity values than in reality sometimes causing havoc for the people who actually depend on these measurements. The relative humidity sensor needs to be directly in contact with the atmosphere it is measuring, they is no real way to protect it from high humidity, dirt, sun and other things that will cause for the sensor to drift. What we can do today is put the relative humidity and temperature probe into a weather shield and use specific filters: the issue here though is that the these protections will cause for the probe to have a longer reaction time (sometime too long) due to the creation of a microclimate inside the weather shield and then again inside the filter!

The Rotronic Fog Chamber

Rotronic has some solutions to these issues, and we will be presenting these on the trade fair: come and visit us on Booth 2000 and we will be pleased to show your exactly what we are currently working on.


Another key element to be sure that the measurements are always correct is to ensure a yearly calibration: we will also be presenting our HG2-S, portable temperature and humidity generator combined with the MBW-473 dew point mirror: Don’t hesitate to pop on over and find out more!

HG2-S & MBW/RHS-473

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