Meteorological Technology World Expo

From the 21st until the 23rd of October, the Meteorological Technology World Expo took place in Brussels¬ and as mentioned in a previous blog, Rotronic AG was present. Susanne Schroff, Andreas “Gary”¬ G√§hwiler and I were all present.Preparation

We landed on the Monday and headed straight to the trade fair in order to setup our booth. Right at the entrance, we met up with our good friends from Observator who had driven down from Holland. The hall was already buzzing and all of the booths were already taking form, so both Gary and myself set to work setting up our booth with a few posters, our fog chamber showing our brand new HM4 with a heated sensing element in a naturally ventilated shield from RMYoung. Our standard HC2-S3 inside of our forced ventilated shield and finally a standard HC2-S3 probe in another ventilated shield, also from RMYoung. Additionally, we presented¬ the updated HG2-S with the MBW/RHS-473 dew point mirror. We built up a wireless network in order to¬ show the remote control function of the HG2-S as well with our ThinkPad and Windows 8 (sadly, the pad was somehow lost during the course of the trade fair…).

Fog Chamber

Once setup, the booth looked pretty cozy, with a seating area, the bar and the Rotronic meteorological products. The team from Observator had the booth next to ours and they were busy setting up too: their main attraction, like every year, was a massive yellow buoy that attracts people like crazy. ACIN (our Dutch distributor), or Wittich and Wisser (their division for meteorological products)¬ were also present and Ad, their design guy had made up a great design for their booth with cows flying around caught up in a whirlwind… So after checking out who else was present, companies like Sutron, RMYoung, LSI, delta ohm, Theodor Friedrichs, all Weather Inc, Campbell Scientific,¬ Gill‚Ķ we decided to head off to our hotel before meeting up with some of the other exhibitors for dinner.

The major advantage about Brussels, is that the city is pretty small and you meet most people from the trade fair just walking through town! Of course during the course of our stay we enjoyed a few Belgian beers, some traditional food and some amazing company from all over the world (we would highly recommend the Delirium Café where you can try over 50 beers from the tap and you get the opportunity to see Jeanneke Pis, the female version of Manneken Pis).

HG2-S & MBW/RHS-473

The trade fair kicked off on the Tuesday morning and we had a few visits to our booth, customers but also people who were intrigued by our fog chamber. However, we organised a small Aperitif that evening on our booth, many of the exhibitors from the trade fair are actually using the Rotronic probes within their automatic weather stations, so we decided to invite a few people over to enjoy a glass of wine. This was the busiest that out booth got, with around 40 people on the booth at some stage.

Our three days at the trade fair were successful, we have booked the same booth again for next year and look forward to having the opportunity to speak directly to our customers and understand their requirements, but also the opportunity to speak to the people selling our products into the different markets and hearing their feedback. All in all, the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2014 was a success for Rotronic and we will start preparing for 2015 soon.

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