The wonders of a 3D printer…

Today, we have grown our teams in both the product management and the R&D. We have a strong pipeline of products that should be coming to market within the upcoming weeks, months or years.

During the development phase it is pretty difficult to imagine what a product will look like with only CAD drawings. Fredi, our head of R&D has already mentioned the benefits of having a 3D printer, I’m just catching up and for the first time today, we have actually really been able to use it with the product management team for requirements with a new device that we are creating.

We have already completely specified our new product, but sadly the housing is causing us issues! From one side, we are not too happy with the design and from the other side we are seeing heating issues from within the housing.

The product management team together with the R&D team have redesigned the housing, and in order to carry out some tests, we were able to print the housing using our 3D Printer.

Ok, our 3D printer may not offer the most esthetically pleasing results but we can get a great view of the product design and decide whether or not another redesign needs to be carried out!

The result of our redesign is here:

CF1 Prototype

Overall we are really happy to have the opportunity to always move forward with our projects, without this printer, we would be making decisions without having seen the finished product and perhaps not taking all points into account! We really would recommend getting a 3D printer if it is something that you are thinking about and have the budget to get one!


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