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Seit September 2014 bin ich bei Rotronic als technischer Produkt Manager tätig. Meine Aufgabe besteht darin, verschiedenste Produkte von der ersten Idee bis zum Ende ihres Lebenszyklus zu begleiten. --- Technical Product Manager - Measurement Solutions Tel. +41 44 838 11 44 / rico.hasler@rotronic.ch

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Relative Humidity, Pressure and Temperature – Humidity Academy – Part 1 Chapter 2

After the basics of humidity, the Humidity Academy takes you to a closer look at relative humidity, pressure and temperature. If you do not know this famous Italian physicist and chemist, then you should definitely read on.

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What is Humidity? – Humidity Academy – Part 1 Chapter 1

What is relative humidity? ROTRONIC has been dealing for almost 50 years with the issue of relative humidity, during this time not only the know-how but also the know-what and know-why has steadily been growing. It is now time to pass on this knowledge piece by piece. The Humidity Academy that was setup by ROTRONIC USA is the …

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