The Hygroclip2 Advanced Revolution + Evolution + Innovation

This month Rotronic launch the Hygroclip2 Advanced range (HC2A). This is important especially for all our existing customers as the HC2A range will replace the existing Hygroclip2 (HC2) range.


Firstly, why change?

The HygroClip digital probe was launched in 1999 a revolutionary product that set the standard for accuracy, stability and changed the market by offering digital interchangeability and the inclusion of calibration and adjustment data on the probe. Ten years later our entire range was updated to the HygroClip2 a modern digital probe with a far greater digital capability. The HC2 provided more advanced calibration and adjustment as well as data logging and sensor diagnostics. Manufacturing processes were also improved. Since then it has nearly been 10 years again and so it’s time to further develop the HygroClip.

This year we have seen the launch of several new HygroClip solutions, Our Low Dew Point range (HC2-LDP) utilises our next generation AirChip4000, our new ATEX range (HC2-EX) gives a well needed update to our intrinsically safe devices and now the HC2A brings a number of subtle evolution’s to our flagship product the HC2-S.

Nearly 20 years of development brings us to the HC2A

What’s new in the HC2A;

  • Much more robust HT-1 sensor which measures up to 93°C dew point
    • This sensor has been used in industrial probes for the past 12 months with proven performance
    • Allows measurements up to 95%rh at 95 °C
    • Also can withstand temperatures up to 200°C for longer durations
      • 190°C long term
      • 100 hrs at 200°C without increased drift
  • New improved housing with fully potted electronics
    • Further increasing the resilience of the HygroClip in the most demanding applications
  • Standardised and fully interchangeable filter for all  upcoming HC2A probes
    • Simplified filter design and options, also ensures sensors are mechanically protected even when changing Polyethylene and Teflon (PTFE) filters.
    • Industrial wire mesh and sintered steel filters are now single modules preventing leaks
  • Completely backward compatible to HC2
    • No new hardware or OEM device changes required!
  • Improved power management
    • Improved power supply regulation

So what does this mean to customers already using our HC2 probes.

Firstly what produces are affected. The changes to date impact our standard HC2-S(3) and HC2-SM probes as well as their Hydrogen Peroxide resistant counterparts the HC2-S(3)-HH and HC2-SM(3)-HH. Wider industrial ranges will be updated in due course.


  • HC2A and HC2 range devices use the same electronics so are completely compatible in terms of
    • Power supply
    • Power consumption
    • Digital and analogue outputs.


  • Filters;
    • Only affects HC2-S and HC2-S3 probes
    • The HC2A range incorporates a similar filter and filter carrier system as used on existing industrial probes.
    • The filter thread is different as such a new range of filters and carriers are available for the HC2A range
    • All HC2A probes (standard and industrial) will use the same range of filters and carriers
    • Wire mesh and sinter-steel filters are physically mounted to the carrier to prevent minor gaps and leakage.


  • Dimensions
    • The HC2A-S poly-carbonate probes are 23mm longer
    • The HC2A-SM stainless steel probes are 2mm shorter


  • Construction
    • Automated sensor production
    • Greater space between sensor pins with domed construction to prevent condensation formation around connections
  • Sensing element
    • The HC2A range utilises our HT1 sensor. A subtle change to the IN1 sensor previously used. The new sensor design improves its physical properties and can measure up to 93°C dew point.



  • Probe pricing remains the same as existing HC2 ranges.
  • Filters and carriers are also priced the same as current equivalents.

In Summary

Experience from over the past 50 years has been combined along with specific development and testing during the last three years to bring the further advancements to our flagship probe range. This gives us the confidence that the HC2A probes are already a mature humidity and temperature solution which further advances our customers ability to measure humidity with the excellent quality and long term stability expected of Rotronic products.


A desire to ensure better measurements along with the growing demands and expectations from our customers drives us continually improve and develop our products and services. Watch this space as this year will see further announcements from Rotronic as we look to the future after over 50 years helping our customers make quality measurements

Dr Jeremy Wingate
Rotronic UK

Win a Smartwatch with Rotronic Measurement News 2016

As always our annual Measurement News includes a competition! this year you have the chance to win one of three Swatch Smartwatches – and it is closing very soon!


To get your chance to win answer the simple questions at the end of this years Measurement News which you can view or download below!

Competition entries must be in by 31st August so get cracking!!

Dr Jeremy Wingate
Rotronic UK

Measuring in clean rooms – Hands on with the Rotronic CRP5

For many years Rotronic products have been widely used in the monitoring and control of clean rooms, however more often than not our products are found out of sight quietly performing their measurement tasks away from areas with strict requirements for cleanliness demanded by modern clean rooms.

In the past few months Rotronic have launched two new clean room panels that are as the name suggests designed specifically for use within clean room environments.

Our flagship product in the field is the CRP5 which we will take a look at first.

CRP5 – Clean room From Rotronic

The CRP5 is a comprehensive clean room panel designed specifically for the requirements of modern clean rooms. Once installed the unit provides virtually no areas for dust to collect and the industrial glass front is extremely resistant to chemicals. With a fully configurable colour screen it is a stylish looking device!

Unpacking the CRP5, the glass front, colour display and stainless steel fittings make the CRP5 elegant, easy to clean and functional

Internally the CRP5 delivers some serious capability, providing potentially a solution for all your clean room measurement and monitoring requirements. Including;

  • Differential Pressure via internal diaphragm sensor (measurement via rear ports and front ports for flexible instalation and calibration).
  • Interchangeable humidity and temperature sensor.
  • Two fully configurable analogue inputs (for particle counters, lux meters etc)
  • Two configurable switch inputs (for pressure or door switches etc)
  • 6 configurable relays (for alarm triggers)
  • Digital connectivity via RS485 and Ethernet (Modbus or direct connection to Rotronic HW4 software)

A unique feature of the CRP5 is the optional flush mount humidity probe. The probe is locked into place through the use of magnets and can easily be removed for cleaning or calibration. An optional rear mount connection is available for Rotronic HC2 humidity and temperature probes should you wish to monitor ducts or spaces remote to the CRP5 itself.

The unique removable Humidity and Temperature probe for ease of cleaning and calibration

The configurable colour display shows alarm conditions which can be acknowledged via the front panel. Alarms can be used to trigger relays associated with audible and larger visitual alarms. Interaction with the CRP5 is via four optical buttons –  their use is completely unaffected if operators are wearing protective gloves or not (unlike capacitive interfaces).

Optical buttons can be used easily even when wearing gloves!

As an FDA and Gamp5 compliant device the CRP5 is a safe choice for regulated industries. The instrument can be used with 3rd party systems via its analogue outputs or industry standard Modbus TCP / RTU communication. Alternatively the CRP5 can be connected to the Rotronic HW4 software package to provide a one stop solution for monitoring, control and alarming. Pharmaceutical validation services as well as ISO 17025 (UKAS) calibrations are available from Rotronic if required.

To get some more detailed information about our clean room solutions give us a call or visit our website… Rotronic Website and CRP5 Datasheet

Next time we will look at the Rotronic CRP1 a dedicated temperature and humidity clean room panel for  applications with slightly simpler requirements but still demanding a clean installation  and high accuracy measurements!

The CRP1 – Humidity and Temperature measurements in clean rooms.

Dr Jeremy Wingate
Rotronic UK