Thermal Mapping – A vital process for all critical environments


Rausch AG in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, has researched and used herbs and their extracts to manufacture high quality, innovative and near-natural products for hair and body care since 1890. Rausch is planning to install a monitoring system from Rotronic to ensure that raw ingredients and end products are stored correctly under ideal environmental conditions.


Rausch AG decided to evaluate and replace the instruments for measurement of temperature and air humidity in its high-bay stores and production rooms more than a
year ago. Due to a great concept proposal, they opted for Rotronic for this project.

To improve the quality of data, a real-time online monitoring system on the LAN is to be installed. The system can provides SMS or email  alarms notifications when temperature and/or humidity variations move outside the defined tolerance range. During the evaluation phase Rotronic recommended Thermal Mapping be undertaken to characterise the critical areas before installing loggers.

Thermal mapping involves the collection of environmental data in monitoring areas before a logging project is actually started in order to find out where the loggers should be installed and where the critical points are located.

Essences and products in the right place                rausch-ag-die-heizung-blubbert-und-leise-rieseln-die-schuppen-huflattich-und-weidenrinde-die-sanfte- (2)
There is, however, another benefit to mapping. Dr Philippe Ch. Auderst, Technical Director at Rausch explains that the essences of dry and fresh herbs have always been of the highest quality and that their correct storage is therefore vital. José Trujillo, Head of Quality Management,
adds: “The mapping will also tell us if we store our raw and end products in the right place.” Some essences need to mature in containers for months before they are ready for use in production.

Installation of the new measurement system
In the first phase Rotronic installed data loggers from the HygroLog HL-NT series in the high-bay stores. Optimum storage is a must. Air humidity should range between 40 and 60 percent and temperature from 16 °C to 24 °C. In a further installation phase the satellite site in Bottig-hofen was equipped with new probes and a LAN-based measurement system.

When and how is mapping used?
Mapping is performed when installing complex measurement systems or where law dictates. Mapping is primarily used in the pharmaceutical and food industries and in any premises where correct climate is critical. To obtain accurate measurement data, it is vital to evaluate the premises and position the loggers correctly. Mapping can also be used for existing measurement systems to check that the loggers are always installed at the right measuring points.

Rausch Facts:

RAUSCH guarantees the highest possible percentage of natural raw materials from nature to ensure that you and your hair stay healthy and beautiful. This is what we stand for – Family Baumann, the third generation. RAUSCH_LOGO

  • RAUSCH uses only tensides (surfactants) which are produced using renewable raw materials and which are ideal for cleansing and treating both hair and scalp.
  • Quillaja bark extract (Quillaia saponaria extract) has a high level of saponins, oxalic acid, quillaic acid, bitter substances and starches. A natural washing-active substance obtained using RAUSCH’s own extraction and maceration methods.
  • High quality, mild tenside (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) manufactured on the basis of Mass Balance* palm kernel oil (Elaeis guineensis L.) and coconut oil (Cocos nucifera L.) with a high level of saturated fatty acids such as lauric acid (44%) and myristic acid (17%) and palmitic acid (8%). Gentle, anionic washing-active substance.
  • Coco glucoside (Lauryl Glucoside) manufactured on the basis of corn starch (Zea sativa L.) and coconut oil (Cocos nucifera L.). Mild, non-ionic washing-active substance.

For more information on the HygroLog HL-NT series or for any other product information please contact us or visit our webiste Rotronic.


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