Steriline depends on the reliability of Rotronic Measurement Devices


Steriline, a expanding company in Lake Como Italy has been manufacturing automatic equipment for the pharmaceutical sector for more than 25 years.

Steriline products combine simple basic principles including reliability and precision to delivery world class products and services. So it’s no wonder that the company enjoys an excellent reputation with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Steriline are focused on the development and production of highly technological and distinct solutions – isolators, for example are used for processes such as quality control and sterility testing, and wherever precise monitoring and control of various environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity, are fundamentally important.

Steriline Products are used for Aseptic Processing

To ensure precision when measuring humidity and temperature in the isolators, Rotronic instruments are used. Steriline work with Rotronic as equally well known Swiss specialists in high-technology measurement solutions that guarantee the highest quality. Steriline ensure all phases of their production, which take place in the company’s own, strictly controlled manufacturing locations, are subject to comprehensive monitoring processes. This is also true during the manufacture Rotronic humidity measurement transducers such as our HygroFlex5, combined with HC2-S probes, that Steriline uses. The HF5 measures relative humidity and temperature and calculates all psychometric parameters required by HVAC, industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

And it’s not only precision that speaks for Rotronic – Steriline staff have praised the Rotronic customer service too, any necessary maintenance work is carried out quickly and with no red tape, ensuring uninterrupted process continuity.

Reliability to the highest level, in both products and services, make Rotronic instruments the ideal components for manufacturers of machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to ensure complete conformity to the strict quality requirements of this sector. That’s why Steriline and others depend on  Rotronic for measuring instruments and the technological expertise provided.

hf5x_2_w (1)
HF5 measures relative humidity and temperature and calculates all psychometric parameters in the fields of HVAC, industry and pharmaceuticals.

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