Rotronic Precise and Reliable Measurement for Weather Stations


LSI-Lasten is an Italian company that develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of advanced environmental monitoring systems.  The company was established in 1972 and then began the production of electric thermometers. Later, other parameter devices were added to the product range including relative humidity and air speed utilising the hot-wire method. LSI-Lasten has relied upon the vast sensor technology knowledge of Rotronic over the years and benefits from the use of the outdoor OEM HC2-CP03 cable mount probe in all its sophisticated weather stations. These comprise many different sensors for various parameters, the signals from which are all integrated using data standardisation software. Rotronic meteorological probes measure temperature and relative humidity precisely and reliably. Rotronic offers a wide variety of tailor-made measurement devices which are developed to meet specific customer requirements, for LSI-Lasten the need was for a specified cable length, power supply and outputs with everything designed to fit in a single housing for the installation.

The highest weather station in the world on Mount Everest

By selecting Rotronic sensors, LSI-Lastem was able to ensure not only precise measurement, but also a high level of performance. Mr. Federico Pasquini, chief operating officer at LSI-Lastem, explains:

“The Rotronic probes have completely fulfilled our expectations, because they overcome certain limitations on the measurement of relative humidity in higher regions, even in difficult situations, and this is hard to achieve with other solutions.”

LSI-Lastem specialises in the development and installation of measurement solutions for extreme environments. The company implemented the highest weather station in the world, located on the southern peak of Mount Everest at the amazing height of 8,000 metres. This station includes three Rotronic sensors, demonstrating how the highly developed, reliable technologies by two partners can fully complement each other.

HC2-CP03 Meteorological probe

HC2_S3C_AgroWeissRotronic developed the OEM temperature and humidity cable mount probe for meteorological and outdoor applications. The probe is fitted with a fast response sensor, advanced filter technology that significantly improves protection of the humidity sensor against the formation of biofilm, and an increased power supply range suitable for battery operated systems.

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