Rotronic ISO17025 Calibration



Rotronic instruments have a UKAS / ISO17025
accredited laboratory for the calibration of humidity, temperature and dew point instrumentation. We are proud to advise that we can offer some of the lowest measurement uncertainties of any commercial laboratory in northern Europe.

Why is Calibration important?

Calibration is the only way to prove instrument performance. By comparing an instrument against a known reference at several stable conditions we can asses what error exists. Over time we can assess the instruments drift and repeatability. Once errors are know they can be corrected for or adjusted out. ISO17025 calibration is performed with a laboratory that is regularly audited to ensure compliance to strict standards. All ISO17025 laboratories have defined measurement uncertainties and regularly perform inter-comparisons with other laboratories to ensure performance. Calibration is essential for compliance within many industries (FDA, GAMP, ISO 9001) and should be considered by anyone that wishes to make meaningful measurements. Instruments need not be calibrated over their    entire working range, only the range they are used at. For relative humidity it is best to calibrate at the working temperature or over a temperature range.

Evaluating Uncertainty 

Improving quality is the key to mitigating risks and reducing costs. However, measurement uncertainty is a parameter that is often overlooked. It is an important aspect of measurement that affects quality, costs, decisions and risks. Measurement uncertainty is a calculation that defines the range in which the “true value” is expected to lie. Measurement uncertainty is calculated by tabulating the known sources of error in terms of probability distribution. The final result is typically displayed as a value at 95% confidence. Uncertainly is a far better term to use vs accuracy, uncertainly includes details of the specific instrument and how it is used. The need for increased accuracy is not as important as the need for quality measurements and knowledge of measurement uncertainty

Calibration SerPicture1vices – Our comprehensive range of industry leading calibration services include:

  • Calibration of relative humidity measuring instruments using unsaturated salt solutions at 5,10,11,20,35,50,60,65,75,80 & 95%rh.
  • Calibration of dew point measuring instruments over the range -60°C dewpoint to 95°C dew point.
  • Calibration of relative humidity measuring instruments by comparison with a chilled mirror hygrometer and platinum resistances thermometers in the range 0°C to 95°C; 2%rh to 98%rh.
  • Temperature calibration of probes in air -60°C
    to 150°C
  • Temperature calibration of probes in liquid
    -70°C to 200°C

We meet the needs of our customers who cover a wide range of industries and sectors some which include Agrochemical, HVAC, Food,  Medical, Meteorological, Pharmaceutical.

Calibration Solutions from Rotronic

Rotronic offer the most complete range of humidity calibration equipment available on the market today from cost effective to high end solutions to meet all requirements and applications. Rotronic ISO 17025 Calibration labs are situated in UK, Switzerland, Germany and USA.

For information on any of our products and services please visit our website



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