Invitation to the Sensor & Instrumentation Live Show – 25th-26th September 2019 – NEC Birmingham


The Sensor and Instrumentation Live event is celebrating its 10th year in 2019, Rotronic and Michell Instruments will be teaming up to exhibit at the event and can be found on stand 72 at the NEC, Birmingham. Come along to the stand to gain expert knowledge from not one, but two leading instrumentation companies’ part of the Process Sensing Technologies (PST) group. They will also be representing PST companies Ntron Gas Measurement, Dynament and Status Scientific.

The stand will cover a variety of applications:

  • Humidity and temperature calibration in laboratories.
  • Room Monitoring (RMS Rotronic monitoring system).
  • Humidity and temperature analysis in the pharmaceutical industry, production processes, storage, test facilities and many more applications.
  • Oxygen and humidity control, improving end product quality in additive manufacturing.

Michell Instruments and Rotronic will be exhibiting their extensive range of products,


with Rotronic presenting their full range of humidity temperature and dew point instrumentation which includes handhelds, data loggers and transmitters. A feature at the event includes their own Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS), a cloud-based platform that integrates both Rotronic and third-party equipment to provide users with real-time monitoring information for use in applications such as warehouses and pharmaceutical production.

SF82 – Dew Point Transmitter

Michell Instruments will showcase their latest dew-point transmitter the SF82, designed specifically for compressed air dryers it can cover a range of -60 to +60 °C dew point, demonstrating its suitability for dryer control. This new sensor is fast responding providing highly stable, long-term measurement reliability. Alongside this Michell Instruments will provide an insight on their range of world leading dew-point transmitters, chilled mirror instruments, oxygen analyzers and relative humidity products.

Information on products and services from sister companies Ntron Gas Measurement, Dynament and Status Scientific will be available at the event. You can discover more about the PST combined range of instruments and sensors for gas analysis and process control by attending the Sensors and Instrumentation live event.



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