Extending GxP Monitoring Systems – Comfortably and easily


Rotronic offers you the opportunity to economically upgrade your current environmental monitoring system (EMS) with a state-of-the-art EMS designed in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.

Universal Device Integration

The Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS) can provide the perfect solution for all your monitoring needs. RMS is an advanced modular monitoring system with all data available securely via any device, anywhere. RMS provides users with exactly the data they need and in the format they require with extensive reporting and configurable alarms. More importantly, RMS can support existing hardware and interface with other software/hardware platforms. RMS can be provided as a hosted cloud service or with a traditional license whereby the client installs the system on their servers (local or cloud).

Many third-party devices can easily integrate with RMS. Analogue devices can be connected using the RMS analogue to digital converter, or the “RMS-converter” can be used to integrate other digital devices. To avoid the risk of data loss during an interruption in communication between a device and the RMS server, both the analogue and digital inputs are available with local, internal logging. Once the connection is re-established, data will be automatically downloaded from the device and online graphs will be back-filled.

Rotronic RMS Architecture

With the RMS continuous environmental monitoring system RMS, Rotronic meets the requirements of “IoT” and “M2M”.

The Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication are key factors in industry 4.0 design principals – launched at the Hannover Fair in Germany in 2011. One of the most important characteristics being interoperability, devices, machines, and people must be easily able to connect and communicate.

An IOT ecosystem comprises sensors which transmit data to the Internet via a “gateway” where it is stored securely in a certified data centre. This data can then be accessed, analysed, and forwarded to remote devices via the Internet.

This leads to another key design principal: decentralised decision making. From remote devices, analysis can be carried out, decisions made, and commands sent, all via the Internet, to IoT devices.

Remote access to devices allows for a third design principal: technical assistance. Services and support can be offered and carried out as a direct result of the output from one of the many devices in the IoT ecosystem.

Rotronic Monitoring System RMS: On-Premise or SAAS Solutions (Public or Exclusive)


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