Real time ENVIRONMENTAL monitoring for use within the cannabis industry

Canopy Growth is one of the largest producers of Cannabis in Canada and has been in operation since 2014. Tweed, based in Smiths Falls, Ontario, is a subsidiary company of the Canopy Growth Corporation. Rotronic was approached for its Real-Time Environmental Monitoring System (RMS). Due to the data export requirements & need for GMP and FDA 21 CFR part II compliance, Tweed selected Rotronic as its monitoring partner.

How the project started

The old humidity and temperature monitoring system used by Canopy Growth was limited. Reporting could only be done from one central location, it was not easy to scale, and there was no way to integrate other parameters. In 2017, the cannabis manufacturer turned to their favourite pharmaceutical metrology specialist: Rotronic. They knew Rotronic could provide a solution for monitoring environmental conditions including humidity, temperature, differential pressure, CO2, O2, ethanol and particle counting.

To ensure the users at Tweed were happy with RMS as a solution, Rotronic installed a two-month trial system that measured RH, temperature and differential pressure. The trial was a success and confirmed to Tweed that the Rotronic Monitoring System was the right solutionto allow them to comply fully with GxP and CFR.

Advantages of RMS

The Rotronic Monitoring System supports Tweed in meeting their risk management criteria and complying with legislation, and gives valuable insights into their manufacturing processes. Using a centralised, highly secure, continuous, real-time monitoring system can improve cost savings through automated reporting by helping to find areas which can be run more efficiently. Any period of historical data can be analysed at any time meaning long periods of data can be assessed to help further improve efficiency. Alarms limits can be applied to different measurement points and help to eliminate potential product damage and loss and increased worker safety and comfort.

RMS provides a complete, flexible and yet user friendly environmental monitoring solution instead of having many fragmented and complex systems working in isolation. RMS stores all recorded measurements securely in a database that can be accessed by users at any time. Data can be retrieved in a selection of formats and integrated into 3rd party systems. Automated reports can be easily generated and sent regularly to key personnel.

The heart of the system is server-based web software with a secure SQL database. It records all data and events generating a range of alerts or warnings when customer defined criteria are breached.

Products used at Tweed

Canopy Growth

In April 2014 Canopy Growth became the first publicly listed cannabis business in North America. They have since diversified to include glasshouse as well as indoor growing and are now listed on the Toronto stock exchange. Canopy Growth remains the only cannabis company to become a member of a major global stock market

Tweed – A canopy growth subsidiary, was the first to introduce the now standard concept of compassionate pricing to make medical cannabis more affordable for patients. It is the most recognised cannabis brand in the world.

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