Simple Cloud Based monitoring FOR YOUR CRITICAL ASSETS

Do you need a cloud based Monitoring System?

Reducing costs and improving quality are key drivers for any business. The Rotronic Monitoring System has been designed to allow our customers achieve hassle free monitoring.

The Rotronic Monitoring system (RMS) provides a complete, flexible and yet simple environmental monitoring solution instead of many fragmented and complex systems working in isolation. The RMS software stores all recorded measurements securely in a system that the user can access at any time, data can be retrieved in any form and integrated into 3rd party systems, automated reports are easily generated and sent autonomously to key personnel.

Cloud access – simple and secure

The heart of the system is our cloud based software, manged by us securely and reliably. End users access their system via a secure website. Reporting, alarming as well as all data and events are visible and immutable. Alerts via Email, SMS and Voice ensure you wont miss a critical event.

Data integrity – never lose critical data

Logging is achieved with our latest RMS data loggers which log data locally and transmit the measured values via wireless or LAN communication. Data integrity is key and loggers have 2-3 year battery life and will auto-backfill any offline data as soon as devices re-establish connection.

A proven solution for big and small

The system is used by some of the largest pharmaceutical and high end manufacturing companies in the world but also by small organisations that want a simple and reliable solution with the backup of a company that has hard earned but proven reputation. Loggers are available for temperature, humidity, CO2 and differential pressure and virtually any 3rd party sensor, ideal for many applications including:

  • Storage monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality in Buildings, hospitals and work places
  • Environmental chamber and stability storage monitoring
  • Clean rooms in R&D and production
  • Calibration Laboratory Monitoring

RMS Bundles – Pre-configured and ready to go

With our latest bundle offers we provide a complete solution configured to your needs pre-delivery. Once hardware arrives you simply need to connect our Ethernet gateway to your network or utilise an optional cellular gateway which only requires mains power.

Send us an email to request guest access to our demo system!

Rotronic Monitoring System – Demo Account

Loggers then reconnect and stream live data. The modular system is suitable for use in laboratories, cleanrooms as well as production and manufacturing processes, stability cabinets and storage facilities throughout the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries.

With a range of discounted packages now available to suit any specific set up, contact us now for more details.